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Box packed eternal white roses flowers factory in China (5) Box packed eternal white roses flowers factory in China (10)

Factory wholesale forever roses in a box for Festive gift

  • • Own planting base covers more than 200,000 square meters
  • • Last more than 3 years
  • • Variety of flower options
  • • Variety of color options


  • Pink suede box Pink suede box


  • Sky blue Sky blue
  • Tiffany blue + Sakura pin Tiffany blue + Sakura pin
  • Noble purple Noble purple
  • Black Black
  • Classic purple Classic purple
  • Royal blue Royal blue
  • red red
  • Tiffany blue Tiffany blue
  • White White
  • Sweet pink + sakura pink Sweet pink + sakura pink
  • Sakura pink + rosy Sakura pink + rosy


Forever roses in a box

We have 20 years experience in Forever roses and have been one of the leading company in this industry in China.

  • Our planting bases in Yunnan province cover an area of over 200,000 square meters. Situated in the warm and humid climate of southwest China, Yunnan provides the perfect environment for cultivating flowers, with its ideal temperatures, abundant sunshine, and fertile land ensuring the high quality and diversity of our Forever flowers.
  • In Dongguan, Guangdong province, our packaging factory is equipped with advanced machinery, including 2 sets of KBA printing machines, as well as a variety of other automatic machines for coating, hot stamping, lamination, and die-cutting. Our primary focus is on creating diverse paper packaging, with a special emphasis on flower boxes, which has earned widespread praise and trust from our valued customers due to its exceptional quality.
  • Employees involved in the manual assembly process undergo rigorous professional training, emphasizing aesthetic judgment, hands-on experience, and a commitment to quality. The majority of our workforce comes from specialized vocational schools and undergoes professional training before formal employment. Additionally, over 90% of our employees have dedicated at least five years to our company, ensuring the highest quality in our finished products.


  • 1. What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are real roses that have been grown from the ground and cut from the rose plant and then treated with a liquid to keep them looking fresh and beautiful for months to years. Preserved roses go by many names on the internet and they also are sometimes called everlasting roses, eternal roses, forever roses, eternity roses, infinity roses, immortal roses, roses that last forever,etc. Often times preserved roses are confused with dried roses, wax roses, and artificial roses, but they are not the same; moreover, preserved roses are preserved with a special solution and undergo a multi-step chemical treatment to create the long lasting effect.

  • 2. What is the preservation process for a rose?

1) Cultivated roses are recollected in the moment of maximum beauty.

2) Once recollected, the stems are introduced in a preservative liquid.

3) For many days the flowers absorb the liquid through the stem until the sap is completely substituted by the preservative.

4) For many days the flowers absorb the liquid through the stem until the sap is completely substituted by the preservative.

5) The preserved roses are ready to be enjoyed for a long time!

Many processes to preserve roses exist. In Afro Biotechnology we know well how to preserve a rose and we use our 100% very own technique. We use our private preservation process to guarantee our clients the maximum quality of our products.

Customized Services for Forever roses

We provide a wide selection of customizable flower materials such as Roses, Austin, Carnations, Hydrangea, Pompon mum, Moss, and more. You have the flexibility to choose specific flowers based on festivals, occasions, or your personal preferences. Our expansive planting base in Yunnan province allows us to cultivate a diverse range of flower varieties, ensuring that we can offer a broad selection of forever flower materials to suit your requirements.

We offer customizable flower quantity

You have the option to customize the quantity of flowers, from a single piece to as many as you need. We will adapt the packaging to accommodate the specific quantity of flowers you choose.

Different flower size can be customized

We are a factory with our own cultivation sites, offering a variety of flower sizes for you to select from. After the flowers are harvested, we meticulously sort them twice to gather different sizes for various purposes. Certain products are ideal for large flowers, while others are better suited for small ones. Therefore, feel free to choose the size you prefer, or allow us to provide you with professional guidance.

We have a wide range of color options available for each type of flower, particularly for roses. With over 100 pre-set colors, including solid, gradient, and multi-color options, you have plenty to choose from. In addition, we offer the option to customize your own colors. Just let us know your desired color match, and our team of professional color engineers will make it a reality.

Pls refer to below photo for existing colors:


Single Color

Other colors


Single Color

Other colors





Pompon mum & Calla lily & moss:

Pompon mum & Calla lily & moss

Customize packaging

Packaging serves not only to protect the product, but also to enhance its image and value, and to establish a brand identity. Our in-house packaging factory is equipped to produce packaging according to your existing design. If you don't have a ready design, our expert packaging designer will assist you from concept to creation. Our packaging is designed to elevate the appeal of your product.

Customize packaging

Customize Box Size & Printing

Customize Material