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Luxury wine red eternal roses in round box (7) Luxury wine red eternal roses in round box (6)

Luxury wine red eternal roses in round box

  • • Real eternal roses that last more than 3 years
  • • No need water or sunlight for maintenance
  • • Variety of color options
  • • Packaging box & rose color & rose quantity can be customized


  • Black box Black box


  • Wine red Wine red
  • White White
  • Tiffany blue Tiffany blue
  • red red
  • Black Black
  • Noble purple Noble purple
  • Royal blue Royal blue
  • Sweet pink Sweet pink
  • Golden yellow Golden yellow
  • Sky blue Sky blue
  • Light purple Light purple
  • Deep peach Deep peach



Luxury wine red eternal roses in round box factory

Having 20 years of expertise in the eternal roses industry, our company's pioneering technology and unwavering dedication to excellence have established us as a top-tier enterprise in China.

  • Our cultivation sites cover an expansive 200,000 square meters in the beautiful Yunnan province of southwest China. This region benefits from a perpetual spring-like climate, abundant sunshine, optimal temperatures, and fertile land, creating an ideal environment for growing a wide variety of high-quality eternal flowers.
  • Our paper packaging factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province and is responsible for the design and production of various types of paper packaging boxes. We have two KBA printing machines and a variety of automated equipment such as coating, hot stamping, lamination and die-cutting. We specialize in the production of diversified paper packaging boxes, especially the production of eternal roses gift boxes. Our excellent packaging quality has won unanimous praise and trust from our customers.
  • All our manual assembly workers have undergone specialized training, focusing on aesthetics, practical skills, and quality. The majority of our workforce is comprised of vocational school graduates who receive thorough professional training before commencing their roles. Moreover, over 90% of our employees have been with our company for at least five years, ensuring the highest quality in our final products.

Customized Services for eternal roses

We offer a wide range of customizable flower options, including roses, Austin, carnations, hydrangeas, pompon mums, moss, and more. Whether for special occasions, celebrations, or personal preferences, you have the flexibility to select from various flowers. Our large-scale planting operations in Yunnan province enable us to grow a diverse array of flowers and provide eternal flower materials tailored to your needs.

We are pleased to provide customized roses quantities, catering to individual stems as well as larger arrangements. Our aim is to ensure that the packaging options we offer complement the specific quantity of flowers you choose, be it a single stem or a more extensive floral display.

Our capability to tailor roses sizes stems from our exclusive access to planting bases. Following the harvest, we meticulously sort the roses into different sizes to cater to a variety of requirements. Some of our offerings are specifically crafted for larger blooms, while others are tailored for smaller ones. You have the freedom to choose the size that meets your preferences, or we are more than happy to provide knowledgeable guidance to help you make the best choice.

We provide an extensive selection of colors for each type of flower material. For roses, we offer more than 100 preset colors, including solid, gradient, and multi-color combinations. On top of these choices, we also offer custom color services. Just inform us of your desired color, and our experienced color engineer will craft it for you.

You can view the available colors in the photo below


Single Color

Other colors


Single Color

Other colors





Pompon mum & Calla lily & moss:

Pompon mum & Calla lily & moss

Customize packaging

Customized packaging not only safeguards the product but also boosts its appeal and market value while solidifying brand recognition. Our in-house packaging facility can craft bespoke packaging to match your current design. If you don't have a design in mind, our specialist packaging designer can guide you from ideation to realization. Our tailored packaging solutions will elevate the visibility and influence of your product.

Customize packaging

Customize Box Size & Printing

Customize Material