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Preserved Roses Knowledge

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What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are 100% natural flowers that have gone through a preservation process to maintain their beauty and fresh-cut look for a long time without the need for water or natural or artificial light. Making them lasting and resistant so their original beauty can be enjoyed for many years.

These roses don’t have to be confused with artificial roses, because, as we have said, preserved roses are completely natural. Neither with dry roses, because their life expectancy, a lot more lasting, and preservation process are very different.

What is the preservation process for a rose?

The preservation process for a rose is made following the next steps:

1. Cultivated roses are recollected in the moment of maximum beauty.

2. Once recollected, the stems are introduced in a preservative liquid.

3. For many days the flowers absorb the liquid through the stem until the sap is completely substituted by the preservative.

4. Once the process is complete, each flower goes through careful quality control in which the units with defects are discarded and the dry and damaged leaves and petals are eliminated.

5. The preserved roses are ready to be enjoyed for a long time!

Many processes to preserve roses exist. In Afro Biotechnology we know well how to preserve a rose and we use our 100% very own technique. We use our private preservation process to guarantee our clients the maximum quality of our products.

How to keep preserved roses?

Do you wonder how to take care of a preserved rose? You don’t have to make a great effort to take care of preserved roses. Their maintenance is practically zero. This is one of the main advantages of preserved roses, they don´t require water or light to maintain their beauty through time. Even so, we are going to give you some advice so your preserved roses are kept in great condition for months, even years just like the first day:

● Don’t introduce them in water containers.

● Keep them away from humid places and environments.

● Don´t expose them to direct sunlight.

● Don’t squash them or crush them.

Why give roses as a present?

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Roses are the perfect gift. From long ago family, couples, and friends give them to their loved ones to express their feelings for them. But, what roses do they give and why?

We are going to review the colors of roses and their meanings so you know which ones you have to give away in each moment and to who:

● Red rose: this rose is given to express love and passion.

● White rose: this rose is given as a symbol of purity and innocence.

● Pink rose: it’s the rose of sympathy and frankness.

● Yellow rose: it’s the perfect present for a friend. A symbol of everlasting friendship!

● Orange rose: symbolizes success, joy, and satisfaction, this is why it can be given when a loved one receives a promotion in their job.

● Blue rose: it’s the rose of harmony and trust between two people. Perfect for family members, friends, and even couples.

● Green rose: it’s the perfect rose when you what to express hope. The hope in a relationship, hope in a job, hope in any ambit of life.

● Black rose: it’s one of the most unknown roses, and even when many doubt it, it’s not associated with anything negative, all the contrary… It’s the symbol of power!

Post time: Dec-20-2023