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Everlasting black roses with box factory in China (2) Everlasting black roses with box factory in China (7)

The red roses never withers in high-end gold box

  • • 18 immortal roses in high-end gift box
  • • A Timeless Gift
  • • Wide variety of flowers and colors
  • • Varied uses
  • • More affordable


  • Matte gold box Matte gold box


  • red red
  • Golden yellow Golden yellow
  • Wine red Wine red
  • Black Black
  • Sakura pink Sakura pink
  • Noble purple Noble purple
  • Tiffany blue Tiffany blue
  • Vermilion Vermilion
  • Light peach Light peach
  • rainbow rainbow



Roses never withers factory

20 years experience in roses / flowers never withers, unique technology and good quality make us to be one of the leading company in this industry in China.

  • Our planting bases in Yunnan province encompass over 200,000 square meters of fertile land. Yunnan, located in the southwest of China, boasts a warm and humid climate that resembles spring throughout the year. These ideal conditions, including suitable temperatures, long sunshine hours, and fertile land, make it the perfect area for flower cultivation, ensuring the high quality and diversity of our everlasting flowers.
  • All of our paper packaging boxes are exclusively designed and manufactured at our own factory in Dongguan city, Guangdong province. Equipped with 2 sets of KBA printing machines and various other automatic machines such as coating, hot stamping, lamination, and die-cutting machines, we focus on producing various high-quality paper packaging boxes, particularly flower boxes, which have garnered unanimous praise and trust from our customers.
  • Our manual assembly employees undergo professional training and possess a strong emphasis on aesthetics, manual experience, and quality concepts. The majority of our workers are graduates from specialized schools and receive comprehensive training before officially commencing their roles. With over 90% of our workers having been employed with us for a minimum of 5 years, we ensure the highest quality of finished products.

Customized Services for roses / flowers never withers

Different flower materials can be customized

We have a vast variety of flowers to offer, including Roses, Austin, Carnations, Hydrangea, Pompon mum, Moss, and many more. You can select different types of flowers based on festivals, purposes, or your personal preferences. Our extensive planting base in Yunnan province enables us to cultivate a wide range of flower species. We take pride in being able to supply various everlasting flower materials to cater to your needs.

Different flower quantity can be customized

You have the flexibility to customize the quantity of flowers, whether it's just one piece or more. We will adjust the packaging based on the quantity of flowers you choose.

Different flower size can be customized

We are a factory with our own flower planting bases, offering a variety of flower sizes for you to select from. Our flowers are carefully sorted after picking to ensure that different sizes are available for various uses. Whether you prefer big or small flowers, we can offer our expertise to help you make the right choice.

Packaging serves the dual purpose of protecting and enhancing the image and value of the product while establishing a brand image. Our in-house packaging factory will produce packaging based on your existing design. If you don't have a design ready, our skilled packaging designer will assist you from the initial concept to the final creation. Our packaging will enhance the appeal of your product, adding a distinct impression.

Pls refer to below photo for existing colors:


Single Color

Other colors


Single Color

Other colors





Pompon mum & Calla lily & moss:

Pompon mum & Calla lily & moss

Customize packaging

The market for everlasting flowers is experiencing rapid growth and gaining popularity in the decoration and gifting sectors. Whether you are ordering for a gift or for business purposes, we guarantee a delightful surprise in terms of quality!

Customize packaging

Customize Box Size & Printing

Customize Material